Power your Surface with LTE broadband

By February 12, 2015Microsoft, Surface, Windows Phone

First, in case some might think there is – the Surface Pro- series does not have an integrated broadband (LTE) module. Something that some potential customers find as a weak-spot when considering a new device. This in mind, Microsoft have not kept potential and existing Surface customers out in the dark.

Now, this is a Surface oriented blogpost, and, Surface is running Windows, something it does so extremely good. Also having a touch-display, it gives you the full extent of applications like OneNote. Where some (potential) customers refers to the lack of mobile broadband (LTE), you can acquire a nifty feature by combining your Surface with a Windows Phone that makes the integrated LTE more of a preference of choice. Not a potential setback.

Pair your phone in the Bluetooth device management


For users having their Windows Phone (running WP8 Update 3 or newer) paired with their Windows PC via Bluetooth, the paired Windows computers now discover the phones Wi-Fi hotspot, even when this feature is currently disabled on your phone. Even though I acquired my Lumia 930 just after its release, it took me quite some while to discover this feature as I never really used Bluetooth for anything good, and this kept disabled. After also buying the Microsoft Band one of the first day it hit the marked in November 2014, I had to turn Bluetooth on, discovering an even more useful feature, activate hotspot directly from the Wi-Fi management in Windows!


Your Surface and Windows Phone will connect upon initialization of hot spot


Even though this is not a Surface exclusive feature, it is something that benefits from having a Surface: the extra USB charge output on the Surface Pro charger, giving you the extra boost for both your devices in times of need. With a battery capacity of 9-10 hours work, and instantaneously disable the cellphones Wi-Fi (and activate tethering) from your Surface is just as easy as turning on the mobile broadband on a laptop.


Hot spot is enabled and SSID/password is shared automatically – no password needed


Oh, and the easy way to turn off tethering on your phone – just re-activate Wi-Fi, and tethering is automatically disabled.

– Alex

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