The Hitchhikers guide to Microsoft Purview – A Norwegian story on governance and compliance

By September 8, 2023Microsoft, MVP, Security

I won’t even try persuading my English followers to learn a new language, but this first Norwegian related blogpost will cover a two-in-one feature.

Live caption
As introduced in Windows 10 – new features are being delivered with newer versions of Windows without the drums and marching band to announce them. One of the accessibility features is live captions that now is built into the latest versions of Windows 11. This will allow you to translate any audio-source (video, Spotify, microphone, meeting apps… you get it) to a language you prefer. It also supports English to English for those who cannot attend or access the contents audio – for whatever reason.
Use live captions to better understand audio – Microsoft Support

Don’t want to watch the whole thing? Export the audio file and let Microsoft Word do the work for you.
Transcribe your recordings – Microsoft Support

Speaking of accessibility, why don’t you check out Tackling Tech with Harjit Dhaliwal and Ben Watt for a better glimpse of this area?
New episode of Tackling Tech: Inside Windows 11 accessibility – Microsoft Community Hub

Governance and compliance – the guide to Microsoft Purview
So, the core of this blog: Purview.
Earlier this year, my colleague Jakob Digranes and I were fortunate enough to borrow Compliance Technology Specialist, Ted Tøraasen from Microsoft Norway for a full day of Microsoft Purview.

Now if you are familiar with the language, please go straight to the YouTube channel. If not, press “Ctrl + Win + L” and activate live caption on your PC and give it a go.

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