Every now and then I get these questions regarding power management, sluggish performance in general. As a cheat-sheet, I’ve come up with this PowerShell script that gives you all you need in one run

First, open PowerShell as administrator, and set your execution policy to unrestricted by running this command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Then, type the following and run:

cd $env:userprofile\Desktop

$A = gwmi win32_bios | fl SerialNumber
$A += gwmi Win32_PnPSignedDriver | ?{$_.DeviceName -like “*surface*”} | Select DeviceName, DriverVersion, IsSigned
$A | Out-File $env:computername-driverlist.txt

powercfg -batteryreport -output $env:computername-batteryreport.html

The reports will appear as two files on the administrators accounts desktop, one .txt and one .html for reviewing, both with you device name as ID.

Now, of course, if you run this on a device not being a Surface, you must remove the *Surface* in the second line. Also, if you want the files to be stored somewhere else than your administrators desktop – feel free to edit as you please. Ideas or comments? Please comment or give me a heads-up

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