Alexander Solaat Rødland
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen, Information Science. Online publication
Publication year: October 14. 2013

What’s WEB 2.0 and social media?

This article will give you an insight into the topic of Web 2.0, with an emphasis on social media, their different purposes, present and how they affect our society as well as individuals. How does social media presence in real life? Is this super tool or super weapons?

The problem of the social network: harassment, personal attacks, bullying, social and trendsetting content. What is the consequences of sharing personal information on social medias?

The world is in a continuous transformative and transcendent development. In recent years, the area within the electronics and communication technology has grown into a formidable (some would say disturbing) pace, particularly in the areas of web and social media.

Social media is one of the most – if not the most effective publishing and distribution channels of information. Whether it concerns academic literature, news, nonfiction, or recipes.

Of course, there are also many opportunities to share, prepare, and retrieve production material (an example Wikipedia). At the same time socializing enormous opportunities for the same division and proliferation related to personal information about themselves or others.