Like always, NIC is one of the most awesome conferences with speakers from the entire world and a technical level than makes me humble to be allowed as a speaker for the fourth year in a row.

NIC future edition – Year of the OneDrive

Together with Olav Tvedt, we were presenting no lesss than three sessions covering OneDrive. Of course, we touched topics like AIP, ATP CAS and a lot of scripts to plan the migration from home folders to OneDrive for Business.


Foto: Nils Olav Åsen

Foto: Nils Olav Åsen

Migrate Your Home Folders to OneDrive for Business
Together with Olav Tvedt, we started the day with a session on how to migrate from the traditional home folder to OneDrive for Business. Together with a lot of scripts . Thank you to Olav Tvedt and Reidar Johansen as masterminds and creators of the scripts.

A big sorry
During my solo presentation, OneDrive for Business and AIP in a GDPR world, one of my observant fans came to mention that I stated that the sharing premission at the most restrictive to not beeing able to share with anyone – this is obviously wrong – in case my mind did short ciurcuit: what I were supposed to say is not able to share with anyone outside your organization:

Oh, and the Slides?
Download the slides on Migrating Home Folders to OneDrive for Business
Download the slides on OneDrive for Business and AIP in a GDPR world

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